In 2012, I discovered a love of sugarcraft. Working in an office based career, I had a frustrated creative side which never had the chance to surface until the Queen’s Jubilee. I made some cupcakes with my daughters and nieces, as part of an afternoon tea celebration. It was like a thunderbolt! Starting with the basic buttercream swirls and sprinkles, I found a passion for making everything pretty, as well as delicious.

With the help of a couple of introductory one-day classes at the Blue Door Bakery in Hagley, I moved onto sugarcraft, making cupcake decorations out of sugarpaste, which was more interesting than swirls.

Brown Eyed Girl Bakery was launched soon after (named after the Van Morrison song played at my wedding) and, relying on word of mouth and a few leaflets posted locally, I began to develop a small customer base.

After a year of cupcakes, I moved onto large celebration cakes and, more recently, wedding cakes.

I have tried my hand at competing at Cake International and exhibiting at a wedding exhibition, trying to find my way through the cake industry. There are many cake businesses I look up to who inspire me and lead the way in cake decoration, such as The Clever Little Cupcake Company, Richard’s Cakes, Carina’s Cupcakes, The Little Cherry Cake Company. If I can be half as good as them one day, I would be extremely happy!


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