Cupcakes by post

I attempted to post cupcakes for the very first time this week. This is something I have been considering for a while. It allows me to have a wider customer base and it also means I can share my new ideas and flavours with my family who live over 200 miles away!

I purchased a Posting Cupcakes guide and kit from Carina’s Cupcakes as a starting point, which provides a clear step by step guide to posting both kinds of cupcakes, buttercream swirls and fondant topped, and gives you the containers and boxes to use.

I decided not to play it safe and made 6 cupcakes with a variety of decorations which would test just how delicate they can be for posting. So here’s the before image:


I packaged them up as per instructions and posted them first class Royal Mail on Monday morning to start them on their 200 mile journey. Some people have used other types of postage which are more expensive but I thought I would give the standard parcel service a try.

Good news! The cupcakes arrived the next morning by 8.30am! This is how the box looked:


A bit bashed on one corner but the packaging inside cushioned the blow. Once the box was opened and each cake pod was opened there were four cakes in perfect condition, one slightly damaged and one completely broken decoration.


The bow had not survived the journey, however the delicate peony only lost one petal! Amazing!


Next, the taste test …. They were still very moist, cake cases had not come away from the cakes and they tasted great (not my words, these were the words of my postal guinea pigs).

So, is this a viable business idea? I believe it is. For 6 cupcakes by post, I would charge an additional £6 for p&p, which I think is a fair price. If the customer wants me to use a different postal service, I can, however I will make it clear that the cost would go up.

I would love to hear from anyone else who has tried posting cupcakes. Please let me know about your experience and please share any tips you have.